Add your charm with a necklace

How to wear a necklace to look better

Necklaces can be worn all year round, and are one of the most frequent accessories for many girls.


A, choose a necklace length that suits you

The taller, you can choose to wear a long necklace, more charming temperament; petite, short necklaces are recommended to look exquisite; long neck is suitable for wearing short necklaces, more prominent swan neck; thicker neck do not wear oversized, exaggerated necklace, will look like a shorter thick neck; do not just strangle the neck, the necklace should be long, can elongate the neck line.

Second, to consider the decorative effect and complement the clothing

High-necked clothes are suitable for wearing long necklace. Do the background of the necklace with the clothes and use the fabric to reflect the effect of the necklace. Such as dark clothes with shiny necklaces, black clothes with brightly colored necklaces, white clothes wearing dark necklaces. This pairing makes the necklace the focal point.

Round neckline is more suitable for wearing multi-strand necklace. Round necklines are a common style for women. Whether it is a cotton t-shirt or a silk blouse, the most moderate design is used in it.

Bare-shoulder styles are most versatile with necklaces. On the beach, on the street, and at dinner parties, bare shoulders are the most photographed.


Third, several kinds of jewelry to coordinate with each other

Necklace is appropriate and the same color, the same texture of the earrings or bracelets with wear, so that you can receive the best results. If the top collar is two often tied into a bow type, it is best not to wear a necklace, otherwise there will be a sense of redundancy. Not all clothes are suitable to match with necklaces, such as wearing earrings is enough to make the outfit outstanding, you can also consider not wearing a necklace, just the right embellishment is the highest level of collocation.

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